The Wonders of Eyefinity

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I recently purchased three brand new shiny monitors, well they’re not shiny the glare would be awful. They’re rather beautiful 24” 1920 x 1080 LED monitors from LG setting me back at about £140 a piece. I bought them mostly because I could, after working all summer my money was burning a hole in my pockets, but also to enable me to play games in the fabled Eyefinity.

Monitor Image

“Eyefinity technology is a solution developed by AMD that allows consumers to run up to six simultaneous displays off of a single graphics card” this technology also allows you to make the computer act as if the multiple displays are only one big display, so in my case my three monitors act like one monitor with a resolution of three times 1920 x 1080 which works out at a rather large 5670 x 1080. Eyefinity gets even cooler when you combine it with gaming enabling you to play games across all three monitors allowing you to see more in game, three times more to be precise.

So far I’ve tried out several games on my new monitors, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the DayZ mod for ARMA II as well as ARMA II itself, along with Tribes and Warband. As well as giving you a tactical advantage (being able to see more than your opponents), the experience of playing across so many monitors is so much more immersive than playing on just the one, for instance flying a F-35 above Chenarus in ARMA II and being able to physically turn your head to see out of the sides of your cockpit, or the wonderful experience of peripheral vision in counter strike.

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Of course making your graphics card render three times more than normal you can expect a performance drop, and in some games I’ve experienced one in some games, in ARMA II for instance my FPS has dropped slightly however in other less demanding games I’ve seen no noticeable drop in performance such as CS:GO is still running just as smoothly as ever.

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