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In my previous review of the Arc Midi R2 that you can find here, I made two complaints. One was that the fan controller didn’t work, the other that the window was tinted making it difficult to see the components.

Since that review, both issues have been rectified. The first was resolved after I contacted fractal design and they sent me a replacement controller rather quickly, which was quite impressive. I installed the fan controller and thankfully this one worked wonderfully. The installation itself was reasonably simple; two screws secured the old controller after unscrewing them and positioning the new controller it was just a case of plugging it in to a Molex connector.

To solve the tinted window issue I purchased a set of Akasa Vegas white LEDs from overclockers, the product is simply a strip of rather bright LEDs with double sided tape on the reverse side of it to attach to the case. It’s powered by a Molex connector at one end of the strip, at the other end is a three pin connector allowing you to daisy chain multiple strips together.

I think the lighting improves the look of the case quite a lot, although I made need to invest in a second strip to remove the shadow cast by the graphics card. Here’s what it looks like at night all lit up and pretty.


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