Action shot

Project Type: Group | Language: C# | Engine: Unity

Sam Murphy: Guns, Bullets, Models, Particles

Matty Hardwick: Animation, Enemy AI

Adam Kadow: Audio, Towers, UI

Survive waves of enemies, using your shotgun, pistol, bounce cannon, and your trusty gravity launcher. 4 different defence towers are also available to help you defeat the ever increased waves.

Created for Three Thing Game, a 24 hour game jam run by the University of Hull, Comatosed is a first person tower defence game.

I was responsible for creating the all of the gun mechanics, and the bullets used by both the guns and the turrets. I designed the system to be as modular and reusable as possible, allowing; the fire mode, number of projectiles, projectile type, recoil, muzzle flash, muzzle velocity, and shell ejection to be controlled through the unity inspector. With this entry to the game jam, we finished in 3rd place.