Action shot

Project Type: Group | Language: C# / DirectX

Gather the keys to the portal so you can escape the maze. Don’t forget to avoid the obstacles and the enemy drone or it might cost you your life.

A first person maze game created in C#, the aim is to collect all the keys to escape through a portal without being killed by the enemy drone.

I was responsible for creating the AI for the drone, loading & rendering the level, the controls, the keys, the portal, as well as creating some of the models.

The AI has three different states; moving, searching, and shooting. The moving state is used to calculate the velocity and direction needed to travel between nodes, the searching state is used to identify which node to move to next, and the shooting state is used to aim and fire a bullet at the player. I implemented the A* algorithm to move the drone towards the players last known position. Line of sight is used to determine if the drone has an unobstructed view of the player.

Action shot

The level is loaded through a text file, meaning that it is configurable at runtime. A simple grid of characters is used to determine the position and orientation of the walls around the maze.